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EPA fish oil

What Is Epa Fish Oil?

EPA Fish Oil can be defined as fish oil that contains a high concentration of EPA. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) are both Omega 3 essential Fatty Acids, both of which are beneficial in their own right. However, research has shown that EPA can be more effective, over time, when there is less DHA to compete with it. Therefore, to be considered a high EPA fish oil, we would want to see a much higher concentration of EPA than DHA. There are some fish oils claiming EPA/DHA ratios in the region of 8 to 1, but not many. Pure EPA fish oil, on the other hand, contains no DHA at all, and as such, has an EPA concentration of 93%, arguably one of the strongest and most concentrated, high-grade EPA fish oils on the market today.

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Is Pure EPA Safe?

The simple answer is yes. Pure EPA is an omega 3 fish oil supplement that is very high in EPA (93%). The oil comes from deep sea cold water fish such as horse mackerel, herring and salmon. They come from natural fishing grounds off the coast of South America.

Is it natural?

Even the capsule is from a vegetable source, this allows us to say our pure EPA omega 3 is entirely natural.

Fish consumption

It is theoretically possible to derive EPA solely from fish, however in order to obtain the high concentration and daily dose required you would have to consume a very large amount daily, with which would bring negative side effects due to all the pollutants, this is why it is important to choose a very high quality, safe, natural fish oil such as Pure EPA.

Vitamin E

Natures very own antioxidant, Pure EPA contains a dose of vitamin E that helps tp protect the freshness of the oil and keep it in an active state within its capsule and the body.

Fish oil capsules

Fish oil capsules Pure EPA

How strong are your fish oil capsules?

Pure EPA is 93% concentration-strength – this has nothing to do with how many milligrams the capsule contains.

Milligrams is the quantity the capsule contains.
Concentration is the strength of the oil.

For example:

1 Pint 1 Pint
8.0% 4.0%

Both these pints are equal in quantity i.e. 1 pint, as you will notice one is 8.0% the other 4.0%, they are both still a pint but one is double the strength of the other.

This also applies to fish oil capsules

1 gram; 1 gram; 1 gram;
oil 1 (Pure EPA) oil 2 oil 3
93% 70% 50%

Again, all the above oils are equal in quantity but all differ in strength. The strongest is oil1 then oil 2 then oil 3.

The bottom line

In very simple terms Pure EPA is 93% strength and has 300mg of pure EPA in each capsule so 4 capsules = 1.2g of 93% strength of pure EPA.

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