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Hair Care

Hair Regrowth, Hair Repair and Hair Growth

For hair to grow healthily and steadily you really do need to provide it with all the nutrients it needs on the inside as well as make sure it has the right environment to thrive on the outside.

Many people pay no attention whatsoever to what is going on inside their bodies in order to produce hair in the first place and instead spend a fortune on expensive products, lotions, potions and treatments that will do little if anything to promote hair growth or repair damaged hair unless you are feeding the follicles from the inside too.

Hair that is damaged will never revert back to the condition it was in before it became damaged, oh yes you can hide the damage to an extent and you can prevent further damage but once the hair is split and broken there is very little you can do other than to cut it off.

So, for you to encourage your hair to grow faster you need to feed it from the inside and look after it on the outside. It really is that simple, however, putting it all into practice takes time, effort and a bit of self discipline.

Diet for hair growth

It is common sense that a healthy diet involves eating a balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, proteins, vitamins and minerals etc. One thing that is extremely important for healthy hair growth as well as physical and mental health is essential fatty acids.

Now we’ve only recently been aware of the immense benefits of Omega 3 essential fatty acids so they are often overlooked when it comes to diet. One way of including Omega 3 essential fatty acids in the diet is to take a daily supplement of fish oil.

People who have been taking fish oil for other reasons have noticed that one of the spin offs of taking fish oil was that their hair, skin and nails all improved dramatically. Omega 3 is essential for healthy hair growth so include it in your diet.

Other important elements of a good diet to promote faster and healthier hair growth are Vitamins A, B, C, D and anti oxidants such as Vitamin E and COQ10. These help to remove harmful free radicals from the body and enable your body to function more efficiently.

Looking after your hair on the outside for healthy hair growth and hair repair

If you are doing all the right things on the inside and buying good quality products that are as natural as possible for caring for your hair on the outside but your hair still isn’t growing the way that you would like it to then one of the main inhibitors to healthy hair growth can be clogged up pores. Try giving your scalp a good massage when you wash your hair.

Don’t be tempted to wash your hair every day either unless your hair is particularly greasy as this can ultimately dry out your hair.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when caring for their hair is that they subject it to all sorts of harsh treatments in order to make it beautiful. The effect is often the reverse.

For example, someone who likes to look good may spend a great deal of time on their hair. They may perhaps wash it every day, pile on the conditioner, dry it with a hair dryer, straighten it, colour it, perhaps even bleach it, tie it up in all manner of different styles, and when they look into the mirror they may be pleased with the results, to start with.

However, after a period of time they may start to wonder why their hair isn’t growing as fast as it used to, why it looks dull and lifeless and has lost its natural shine, and where on earth did those split ends come from?

We can all subject our hair to harsh treatments in the name of beauty but unfortunately most of the practices we indulge in will not help our hair to grow. Hair is extremely fragile and can break easily unless we do the right thing and give our hair a fighting chance.

A word about moisture

One of the most important things you can do when caring for your hair on the outside is to make sure it has enough moisture. This cannot be emphasised enough. Healthy hair has about 8 to 10 percent moisture so as far as your vanity will allow, avoid anything that is going to strip your hair of its natural moisture and make sure you use products that are going to replace the moisture in your hair.

For this you are going to need a good conditioner and a hot oil treatment on a regular basis won’t go amiss either.

Conditioning Treatments, Leave In Or Rinse Out?

When buying conditioning treatments for the hair, many people wonder if they should buy a conditioning treatment that is rinsed out of the hair after shampooing, or one that is left in the hair, and whether or not it makes any difference at all.

It really all depends on what your particular hair type is. First of all we will look at why some form of conditioning treatment is important.

During our normal daily routines our hair is naturally going to be exposed to environmental pollutants like traffic fumes, cigarette smoke and cooking smells as well as grubby fingers and along with the normal process of sweating and shedding of dead skin cells, our hair can smell less than fresh and become dirty and greasy looking.

We use shampoo on our hair to lift the dirt and grime out of our hair and shampoos contain certain raw materials that make this process easier but the down side to this is that they can also dry out our hair and strip it of its natural oils.

We use a conditioner to replace the moisture and nourish the hair. There are many different types of conditioning treatments available so if you’re on the look out for a great conditioning treatment for yourself, unless you know exactly what you are looking for, the number of brands, types and formulas can be overwhelming.

There are literally countless hair conditioning treatments on the market but we can separate them into two basic groups. These are rinse out conditioning treatments that you rinse out of your hair after using them and leave in conditioning treatments that you don’t rinse out.

Rinse Out Conditioning Treatments

A standard rinse out conditioner is generally used after shampooing. You basically apply the rinse out conditioner to your towel dried hair and work it through to the ends of your hair with your fingers. Then you leave it on your hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out. Easy as that!

Many people use rinse out conditioners after every shampoo, even if they wash their hair on a daily basis. If we don’t use a conditioner after shampooing, particularly if we have dry hair, the hair can become very tangled and difficult to comb and trying to tug your way through tangled wet hair only causes it to break and split and look even more damaged.

A regular conditioner that you use every time you shampoo your hair works by leaving a slight residue or coating on the outside of the individual hair fibres, which helps to separate them and will make the hair easier to comb through. This of course also helps us to avoid split ends and will provide the hair with a protective coating as well as make it feel soft to the touch.

It is also important to note that too much conditioner can weigh the hair down and will make it look flat, particularly if you have greasy or combination type hair.

If you have very dry and damaged hair then you may need a conditioning treatment that is more intense. You can purchase conditioning treatments that you leave in your hair for up to 20 minutes or so to help condition and repair damaged hair.

The more intensive conditioning treatments are designed to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft itself as opposed to just coating the outside, and will help to restore moisture, and leave your hair with a soft silky feel and a radiant shine.

Good conditioners tend to be protein enriched and will contain other ingredients to supply the hair and scalp with essential nutrients.

Really intensive conditioning treatments for the repair of damaged hair are best used on a weekly basis. The rest of the time you can just use your normal conditioner.

Leave In Conditioning Treatments

A leave in conditioning treatment is one that you apply to your hair and leave it. In other words you don’t rinse it out after a period of time. They are usually formulated to replace moisture but not to weigh the hair down and make it look flat like regular conditioners can sometimes do.

You can buy leave in conditioning treatments that you apply after washing your hair or you can buy some that you can spray on your hair as and when you need it.

What’s the best type of conditioning treatment?

The best type of conditioning treatment is one that suits your hair and your hair type. The first thing to do is to identify what your particular hair type so that you can buy a hair conditioning treatment and use it in such a way that is most appropriate for your hair type.

For example, if your hair is particularly dry, damaged, colour treated or frizzy, then you should consider a weekly conditioning and repair treatment for hair repair as well as a conditioner for after shampooing.

On the other hand if your hair is particularly greasy, then using a conditioner after every wash may make it appear even greasier. In this case, or if you have hair that is dry at the ends but greasy at the scalp then a leave on conditioner may be the solution but try to apply the conditioner only to the parts of your hair that need it.

What Is Keratin? Is It Good For Hair?

The Keratin hair treatment, also known as the Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment as well as “escova progressive” is a hair treatment for straightening the hair that can turn a head of dry and frizzy and damaged hair into a crowning glory of super sleek straight soft and silky hair and the condition will last for months.

The treatment originated from Brazil more than a decade ago when it was discovered that keratin when used with certain preservatives, could be bonded to the hair to remove frizz. The active ingredient in the Keratin Hair Treatment responsible for all the beneficial effects is of course Keratin.

What is Keratin?

Our hair and our nails are made of the substance Keratin and damaged hair means damaged keratin so when Keratin is used in a product such as the Keratin Hair Treatment, it has the effect of returning the hair to its former condition, well almost, as nothing can realistically do that. The Keratin Hair Treatment is a temporary not a permanent treatment.

How expensive is the Keratin Hair Treatment and where can I get it?

The treatment can cost several hundred dollars and is not available in all salons. There are kits that you can buy online so that you can carry out the treatment at home but this isn’t advisable unless you have someone experienced with you as it involves using an extremely hot iron on the hair and it goes without saying that if you are ironing your own hair you may not see exactly what you are doing and could easily burn yourself.

Is the Keratin Hair Treatment Safe?

In some of the salons that do carry out the treatment, the staff and the client will often wear protective clothing and even masks in order to avoid the negative effects of the potentially dangerous gas produced during the treatment. Others take precautions such as making sure the room is well ventilated and will of course wear gloves.

This should tell you something about how serious this treatment is. One of the chemicals found in Keratin Treatment can be particularly harmful, it is formaldehyde. Now although a certain amount of formaldehyde (formalin), a tiny amount actually, is allowed in some cosmetic products, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment was found to have as much as ten times the recommended amount by a popular magazine.

The process involved in the Keratin Hair Treatment produces gas so this is why you have to exercise caution. If you want to try the Keratin Hair Treatment, make sure that the product you use has less than 0.2 percent formaldehyde (formalin) in it.

How successful is the Keratin Hair Treatment

The treatment can offer spectacular results so can be considered very successful and despite any negative publicity it is still very much in high demand, because of the results it can give. You can find many before and after photographs online if you want to check this out for yourself.
How does the Keratin Hair Treatment work?

How it works is a hot solution which contains Keratin among other ingredients, is sealed onto the outer layer of the hair using an extremely hot iron. The effect this has is that the hair is immediately softer, silkier, straighter and easier to straighten, it halves the time required to blow dry the hair and adds a beautiful and radiant shine to the hair.

How long will a Keratin Hair Treatment last?

A full treatment can take anything from a couple of hours to four hours to complete depending on how damaged your hair is and will last for up to four months depending on how often you shampoo your hair.

What type of hair is best suited to the Keratin Hair Treatment?

Basically, any hair type, it needn’t be used just on curly or frizzy hair, but the Keratin Hair Treatment works best on damaged and brittle hair as the keratin can bond to this type of hair more easily.

What to consider if you choose to have a Keratin Hair Treatment

If you think that a Keratin Hair Treatment is the answer to all your bad hair days and you opt to have it done at a salon, make sure that you check the credentials and reputation of the salon beforehand.

If you insist on trying it yourself at home then make sure that the product you buy is from a reputable source, do your own research, check the ingredients, ask for the safety data on the product and make sure you adhere fully to the instructions on the package. Observe all the safety advice. It isn’t advisable to carry out the treatment on your own, better to have someone with you to assist.

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