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When looking for new ways to increase health and longevity, people tend to look for things that are inspired by nature. Since these items have been around for a long period of time, they are generally safer and more reliable than even man made medications. This is certainly the case when it comes to deep sea fish oil – however, before a patient takes any medication, it’s advised that they learn more to make sure this is an item that is going to live up to its expectations.

What’s the Difference with Deep Sea Fish Oil?

In truth, the idea of deep sea fish oil is not as prevalent as it might seem in drugstores and online retailers. Deep sea fish oil is actually very rare as most of the fish in the deep seas are not very fatty by nature. In order to procure fish oil, the fish need to have a fair amount of fat on their bodies, so these fish are not always the best resources for supplements. Traditionally, fish oil supplements are made from such fish as salmon and mackerel as they are fattier and oilier.

Deep sea fish can also harbour more mercury in their bodies as they can live up to seventy years in total. That said, they can be harmful to pregnant women and children who are looking to get the benefits of fish oil. There is also some concern that deep sea fish are becoming extinct due to their harvesting for commercial purposes.

What are Some of the Benefits of Fish Oil?

Taking fish oil supplements has been proven again and again to be one of the easiest ways to protect the entire body from various diseases, such as heart disease, mental health issues, inflammation and pain, cancers, and strokes.

Prevention of heart disease is the most often mentioned benefit of taking fish oil supplements. Not only do the fish oils protect the heart from heart disease by helping to process cholesterols and to promote the production of HDLs, but the fish oil can also help to encourage repair of a heart that’s already been damaged. In a study by Harvard researchers in 2000, it was found that fish oil fatty acids like Omega 3s were able to prevent the build up of dangerous chemicals in the body that often lead to troubles with heart disease.

Mental health disorders are where science is putting a lot of their focus right now in terms of using fish oil in treatment plans. Because essential fatty acids are helpful in a number of cellular function and repair activities, fish oils can help create a healthier nervous system in which depression and unbalanced moods are far less frequent. Those with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even ADHD and ADD have been shown to improve rapidly with the introduction of fish oil as opposed to placebos. Bipolar patient moods seem to be more level and schizophrenia patients are likely to have fewer delusional episodes. Fish oil seems to balance the chemicals in the brain that cause troubles with ADD and ADHD in children as well.

One of the primary functions of essential fatty acids in the body is to regulate inflammation of the body. When a patient takes fish oil on a regular basis, they can experience fewer symptoms in relation to inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Pain is lessened and stiffness is minimised for many patients. Another study done at Harvard University linked the reduction of asthma responses in patients who took fish oil supplements as well.

Cancers like breast and prostate are less likely in patients that take fish oil supplements, according to recent research. Whether this is because of a balancing of the nutrients in the body or a suppression of the cells that cause cancers and cause them to multiply, that is still to be determined.

What Ages Can Take Fish Oil?

All ages of patients are able to take fish oil supplements, though the doses will differ according to weight and needs. Children and even babies can take in fish oil supplements under the advisement of their paediatrician or in fortified foods. Pregnant and nursing women can help boost their baby’s intelligence and health by maintaining health levels of essential fatty acids in their body too.


Taking fish oil has been proven to be healthy for your body, but the matter of whether deep sea fish oil is any better has yet to be determined. If both supplements contain an ample amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, it can be presumed that the benefits are the same.

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