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Pure EPA Fish Oil, Benefiting People All Over The World Since 2005.


Strong , Clean, Premium


Surpasses International fish
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Sustainable , Strong
Wild Fish Oil.

PuraEPA , Recommended by Doctors , Taken By Doctors. A Clinical Grade Of 93% Pure EPA Fish Oil, Helping People Since 2005.

Pure EPA – Unique, Natural, Strong and Effective

A natural way to feel happy, energetic and healthy:

Our Premium Brand of Pure EPA fish oil contains the world’s highest concentration of EPA oil omega-3 (93%)

What Is Pure EPA

  • Pure EPA is a highly concentrated form of fish oil.
  • It is part of the Omega 3 family.
  • The oil is made from small oily fish from sustainable wild fishing grounds.
  • Our Pure EPA oil is known for its purity and quality.
  • Our Pure EPA is a minimum of 93% concentrate.

Are all Pure EPA fish oil supplements the same?

The simple answer is no. The industry standard strength for fish oil is 30%.
 Our EPA Fish oil is exclusively manufactured  to a much higher quality; it is fully 67% stronger than the industry standard. It is important to point out that PuraEPA  is not an ‘off the shelf’ standard oil; it is manufactured specifically to our very high specification.

It is not a miracle cure,  just  simple science

Omega 3 fish oil pure EPA is no miracle cure – rather it feeds the body the essential nutrient omega 3 EPA,  this in turn helps to replenish and balance the vital good fats the body needs to return to the correct balance.

Modern diets high in processed foods and refined carbohydrates and sugars have slowly, over time, caused an imbalance of omega oils in our bodies. We should be eating more Omega 3 good fats.

To gain a sufficient dose the average adult would need in excess of 500mg EPA to raise red blood cell levels. Lifestyle, diet & body weight, strongly influence the required dose.

Certain forms of omega-3, such as our Pure EPA are the most efficient and effective at raising omega-3 levels as they are unrivalled in terms of concentration and dose. Most omega-3 supplements (such as standard TG fish oil or krill oil) do not produce meaningful increases to red blood cell omega-3 levels because they only offer good bioavailability, whilst being very poor in terms of concentration and dose.

What can I expect?

With a daily dose of Pure EPA, you should first start to notice an improvement in your hair, skin and nails, This is a sign that you are absorbing the oil correctly. When this starts to happen, over time, the oil addresses the omega imbalance.


78 % of our new customers arrive via word of mouth recommendation from current customers. We know this from testing and feedback from within our database.

What makes Pure EPA unique among other omega 3 supplements?

As the name suggests, Pure EPA contains ultra-pure EPA, and only a fraction of other omega 3 fatty acids. We recently performed a customer survey and 82% of our current customers said they had noticed a difference after taking our EPA oil. Our Pure EPA oil was first introduced over 12 years ago. We started as a small family run company and have gone from strength to strength  due to the extremely high quality of the oil. The quality and length of time the product has been on the market, has given us a very large repeat customer base. Our customers over the years have been reporting back some amazing results.

On the 15 of September 2017 we received our laboratory report for the latest batch of oil; total omega content per 100mg of oil was an amazing 97.68%. Customer feedback from surveys we send out gives us a valuable insight into how each customer responds in a positive way when taking the oil. We carry out our own surveys to our current customers. On average we receive a feedback score of 4.5 out of 5 for product excellence, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

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