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With more than 60% of all households now looking into taking some form of supplements to enhance their health, it’s no wonder that more people are looking into ultra refined fish oil to help them be healthier than ever. With fish oil supplements, not only can a person help to prevent serious health conditions, but it may also help to repair any damage that has already occurred. The benefits of fish oil are just too many to deny any longer.

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is the oil that comes from the tissues of fish, naturally. These oils are comprised of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are short chained fatty acids that the body can not produce by itself. Also known as essential fatty acids, these fish oil Omega 3 acids are necessary for a variety of functions in the body: cellular growth and repair, healthy skin and eyes, and the transmitting of messages from one part of the body to another. Needless to say, fish oil can dramatically improve the quality of life.

But the truth is that most people don’t necessarily have the time to eat right or to prepare healthy foods like fish. This is why supplementation has become so important. When a person takes supplements, they can be sure that they are getting these important nutrients. While eating right is always the best advice, choosing to fill in the gaps with supplements can still dramatically improve a person’s health and longevity.

Why Choose Ultra Refined Fish Oil?

Most people are curious about the newly labelled ultra refined fish oil supplements that are being advertised in local pharmacies and online vitamin retailers. When shown with other fish oil supplements, it can seem like this designation has something more to offer the person taking them – and it does.

With the growth of the human population in the world, there have been changes to the water in which fish naturally live. The most notable change is that that mercury levels in the water have risen, thus affecting the fish population. What’s interesting about this is not that the fish are being reduced in number, but rather that the fish are beginning to show highly toxic levels of mercury in their tissues. And when people eat those fish on a regular basis, they too are taking in higher levels of mercury into their bloodstream, causing mercury poisoning.

What is Mercury Poisoning?

The bloodstream needs to achieve and to maintain a certain balance of chemicals in it to be able to transport vitamins and minerals from one part of the body to the other. When something interrupts this process, tissues can die and the entire body will become affected. If there is too much mercury in the bloodstream, the blood cells can not work effectively as the mercury begins to damage the cells and render than useless. Some of the symptoms of mercury poisoning can include fatigue, nausea, stomach pains, mental status changes, dental issues, etc. While most people will build up a tolerance to small amounts of mercury, the problem of pollution has made it difficult to avoid overdosing on it.

Diagnosing it can be different because of the wide range of symptoms, but it can be treated if caught at an early stage.

What Can Be Done?

Instead of turning to fish as the main source of essential fatty acids, more people are turning to ultra refined fish oil that has had the mercury content reduced to safer levels. Those that take these supplements can be sure that they are not doing more damage to their body instead of helping it in its quest for health. These supplements have been screened and excess mercury has been stripped from the formula to make sure that the supplements will work for anyone that wants to take them – even pregnant women and children.

This doesn’t mean that fish should be avoided altogether. Eating about two servings of fish a week is completely healthy and is not likely to cause troubles with mercury poisoning. However, in the special cases of pregnant women and children, ultra refined fish oil might be a better choice.

When you do choose fish, you will want to choose smaller fish that don’t have a lot of mass. Suffice to say when the fish is larger; it can contain more mercury in it. If you do choose to have fish, try to stick to smaller portions as well as fish that isn’t heavy or bred to be bigger.


When it comes to your health, ultra refined fish oil can make sure that you are getting the highest quality (and best tasting) fish oil on the market. With the careful eye of the supplement manufacturer, you can both look out for your health as well as your future. Choosing ultra refined fish oil can help you protect your health as well as the health of those that still have growing to do – like pregnant mums and developing children.

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