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If there was a magic pill that could help a person avoid illness and even repair their body from damage that’s already occurred, it would be hard to find in stores. With the fish oil supplement, it seems that nature has already created such a pill. As more and more research is being done on these essential fatty acids, it’s becoming clear that fish oil supplementation may just be the best health advice right now.

Your Body Can’t Make It

The composition of fish oil is essential fatty acids that the body requires in order to maintain proper cellular function. But what’s different about this supplement is that these fatty acids are essential because they can not be produced by the body – they can only be ingested through the diet or a supplement regimen. Everyone actually needs to take in this nutrient in order to have the highest body functioning state possible. By allowing the cells to function properly, the essential fatty acids are able to provide anyone with a number of health benefits.

For Your Heart

It’s no surprising the heart disease is becoming one of the faster killers of men and women in the United Kingdom. Whether this is simply the result of poor diet habits or from improper nutrition, a case could be made in either direction. Regardless, fish oil supplements have been linked time and time again with helping not only to prevent troubles with heart disease, but also with repairing the heart once it has been damaged. Scientific studies have shown that those who take fish oil supplements (as opposed to those that took the placebo) actually had lower cholesterol levels and higher HDL (healthy cholesterol levels) levels without any other lifestyle changes. By adding lifestyle changes, this can add up to a significant benefit to those that might be genetically predisposed to heart conditions.

Those that have already had heart attacks or heart damage also seem to be able to repair this damage on their own when taking fish oil supplements. This might be explained by the ability of the body to work more efficiently when it has all the nutrients it needs.

For Your Head

A slightly surprising benefit of fish oil supplements is that the mind can be affected just as much as the body. Those suffering from anxiety in their lives have found that taking fish oil supplements can reduce their stress levels and help to make their mental health more balanced. Since fish oil is connected with helping the transmittal of messages through the nervous system, this is not altogether surprising. What is surprising is that taking fish oil has been linked with helping those with obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis, and depression.

For Your Child

The rise in cases of ADD and ADHD has led many parents to wonder if there are other answers besides therapy and Ritalin. Fish oil has been studied in numerous classrooms in the UK (some as recent as 2005) to be effective at increasing reading comprehension as well as behaviour. Some children have even been able to replace their traditional pharmaceuticals entirely with fish oil as it helps to manage the lack of concentration so well.

Other studies have shown that as the brain develops, the addition of fish oil during these formative years can help to increase the odds of higher test scores and learning retention. This supplementation can also begin in the womb with mum taking fish oil or with added DHA and Omega 3 formulas.

For Your Health

Protection from cancer is another often cited benefit of fish oil supplements. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, fish oil can help the body maintain a high level of functioning, which will then keep the cancerous cells from multiplying and taking over the body entirely. Since cancer is a condition in which bad cells multiply and begin to outnumber the healthy cell sin the body, this stopping of the cellular division can often keep cancer from spreading as well as from becoming a problem in the first place.

For Your Skin

Your skin also seems to benefit from regular fish oil consumption. By helping the skin to turn over more quickly to reveal fresh, younger looking skin, you will look years younger. Even with sun damage and environmental damage, fish oil can help to soften these lines and allow your face to look more radiant.

For Your Eyes

Fish oil has also been linked to the preservation of the retina in the eye, which can help to offset the effects of ageing and how that might affect your eyesight. Since the eye naturally breaks down with each passing year, it can help to add a fish oil supplement to slow down this process.


Fish oil has a number of different ways in which it can affect the body and help to make you healthier in the long run. Each body system can be helped by the essential fatty acids in fish oil – and that’s something you can use to your advantage.

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