Boost Your Immune System with Nucell Active

Boosting your immune system has become much easier since the Nucell Active brand has been launched. This all natural health food supplement has been specifically developed to boost your immune system. Nucell has also been clinically proven to boost the immune system.

What is nucell

Nucell is a unique nucleotide all natural health food supplement. Nucleotides are nutritional building blocks that speed up the process of building new defence cells to boost the immune system. Nucleotides are found naturally in certain food groups ie Liver, tripe, liver pate, yeast extract, lean meat, fish, mushrooms and fungi. Nucell is a very concentrated powder form of Nucleotides which have been extracted from yeast, these are vital to maintaining a strong healthy immune system.

Nucleotides Explained

What are nucleotides?
Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, with DNA consisting of 3 billion nucleotides. Every organism must create new cells to continue living. Cell division is an important part of this process. With the help of nucleotides and RNA, a typical cell divides, ‘unzipping’ the DNA and creating two new cells. For example, in an adult human, millions of cells divide every second just to maintain the body!

When our body is fighting bacterial or viral infections, or is under stress, we need additional new cells for fighting off infection and coping with stress.

Nucell provides the body with ready-made nucleotides and RNA, which helps speed up the process of creating new cells.

Certain living cells, such as those of the liver, are able to cover their needs of nucleotide building blocks, but nucleotides from other sources (such as food) are required by:

• intestinal mucosal cells
• bone marrow cells
• some brain cells
• white blood cells
• red blood cells

Nucell is a unique formulation, from natural sources, of high-level concentrations of nucleotides and RNA.

What is DNA?
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is nucleic acid found in all living cells and and transmits genetic information from parents to offspring in the form of genes.

What is RNA?
RNA (ribonucleic acid) is a nucleic acid involved in the production of proteins. It acts as a ‘messenger’ for the DNA.

Nucell active has been used in two double blind placebo controlled trials please click below to read the results.

Clinical trial 1 | Clinical trial 2

What the experts are saying about boosting the immune system with Nucell

Professor Lars McNaughton: Clinical trial:
Nucell Active to boost the immune system of athletes under endurance exercise stress
higher levels of antibodies (immune cells that boost the immune system) have been observed in people taking Nucell’

Dr l Davidson: Clinical trial: Influence of Nucell on boosting the immune system – Cold and flu symptoms.
The trial shows that boosting your immune system with Nucell significantly reduced the painful sinuses and earache during a cold infection.

Jan de Vries: Renowned naturopath prescribes Nucell to his patients to help boost the immune system
“Boosting your immune system with nucell helps to heighten energy and vitality, which is also very helpful for women around the time of the menopause “

Improved Sleep

Although not clinically proven, a large majority of people who have taken Nucell Active have reported a vast improvement in their quality of sleep.

Nucell can be used alongside many conditions.. Nucleotides are particularly useful for helping the body fight bacterial and viral infections. We recommend ONE Nucell capsule (500mg) be taken per day to help maintain good health. This can be increased to 2 or 3 when you are trying to fight an infection or virus.

Nucell can help to support the:

• immune system
• nervous system
• function of the liver
• vitality and energy levels
• digestion and absorption of vital nutrients
• resistance to the effects of stress
• maintenance of good health

As with most supplements which help boost the immune system, you should not take Nucell if you

• have an auto-immune illness
• have had an organ transplant
• are taking immunosuppressant

You should also not take Nucell if you have an allergy to live yeast.