Boost the Immune System with Nucell Active

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Boost the immune system with Nucell Active
Influence of Nucell on Immunity – Colds and Flu Symptoms

Abstract and poster presentation accepted at Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) and the NHS, Scotland – 20/9/02

Clinical trial, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, EH12 8TS, Scotland
Dr Isobel Davidson, Department of Dietetics, Nutrition & Biological Sciences

To determine whether or not supplementation with a formula of specifi c, concentrated nucleotides (NUCELL®) can reduce the severity of specific symptoms, secondary infections and healing time after non-induced and natural infection by cold or flu virus.

There is a signifi cant difference with nucleotide supplementation in reducing the length and severity of some specific cold or flu symptoms as compared to a placebo.

As per evidence and data obtained and analysed during/after this double blind trial, we conclude the following:

The specific nucleotide product, NUCELL(R) signifi cantly reduced the following symptoms suffered as a result of a common cold or flu infection or secondary infection there from:

The severity of these symptoms was attenuated: Dry mouth, sore throat, muscle aches and headaches.

Over the first 6 days of taking either nucell or a placebo, the discomfort level was on average:

Dry mouth 30% less for nucell users
Sore throat 20% less for nucell users
Muscle aches 15% less for nucell users
Headache 40% less for nucell users

Higher antibody levels indicate a greater immune response.

Salivary IgA (antibody) concentrations were similar at recruitment but subsequent to this were for the most part higher for the nucleotide group.


Boost the immune system

As this clinical trial shows Nucell Active is an all natural way to boost the immune system.