Another Health Benefit of Fish Oil?

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With cancer being the second most frequent cause of death in the UK (according to National Statistics Online), finding out ways to prevent this illness has become a top priority for scientists and researchers. Instead of deciding to take one’s chances against this awful disease and its many manifestations, the everyday person has an opportunity to do more than simply wait for the diagnosis. People today can make changes in their lives that will promote good health.

The idea of supplementing one’s diet is nothing new. With how busy everyone is in today’s times, it’s become more difficult to nourish the body through eating the right foods. And with changing food recommendations, it’s no wonder that people are confused as to what the proper way to eat really is.

Why Choose Fish Oil?

Though most people might say that a multivitamin is the best source of nutrition when they don’t have the time to eat right, studies are showing otherwise. Essential fatty acids, like those found in fish oil, seem to be providing more health benefits than a multivitamin alone, making them a clear choice in health management. But while studies at the University of South Australia might sound impressive, most patients simply want to know how the fish oil can benefit their lives today.

Better Mental Health

Many people would not even think to link a supplement with their mental health, but a recent study in the Journal of Affective Disorder has concluded that fish oil can help boost your mood. Those affected by conditions such as depression and ADHD found that their symptoms were much less intense once they began a course of fish oil supplementation. But the benefits also extended to those with obsessive compulsive disorders and psychoses.

Heart Help and Protection

The essential fatty acids that are found in fish oil have been linked time and time again with preventing heart attacks as well as helping to lower cholesterol levels. Though it might seem like adding fat to the diet with fish oil might be counterproductive, these fats are known as ‘good fats’ in the scientific community – and studies are backing up this claim. Fish oil can help to reduce blood pressure as well, which can lessen the chance of strokes and increase your overall life expectancy.

More Brain Power

Though mental health has already been seen as a fish oil benefit, the brain is affected in other ways as well. Recent studies have shown that patients who take fish oil score higher on tests as well as have a higher concentration level than those in the control groups. It has also been shown that pregnant women that are taking fish oils can pass on these brain power benefits to their unborn children. Nursing mothers can also pass on their essential fatty acids through the breast milk. Of course, you always want to talk to your doctor about any supplementation when you are pregnant or nursing.

Reduction of Inflammatory Response

Inside the body, there are hundreds of tissues and cells that can change with the body’s chemistry. In order to function properly, the cells need to have the ability to fight off inflammation that could cause pain and hinder certain processes. This is a benefit that will help those with arthritis and possibly even those with asthma (Harvard 2003). By helping the body avoid this inflammatory response, the health of the patient can be maintained.

Lessened Risk of Cancers

From breast cancer to prostate cancer, fish oil has been shown to help reduce the overall risk of falling victim to these deadly diseases. By helping reduce the possibility of cancerous cell growths, fish oil supplements allow the body to fend off cancerous beginnings before they become harmful to the rest of the body. Essential fatty acids seem to counteract the cancerous growths and cells in the body, even causing them to die before they have a chance to multiply. Although more research is needed.

Where to Find Fish Oil

The most obvious source of fish oils are in fatty fish species. By adding a few servings a week of healthy fish, you will be able to increase the number of essential fatty acids that are in your body – and receive the benefits that science has proven again and again. However, there is some concern as to whether eating fish is even safe anymore with the high levels mercury in some of the water sources.

To help combat this concern, supplements of fish oil have been produced with pure sources of fish oils and thus all the benefits without any of the worry – or food preparation.


Choosing to add fish oil to your daily routine seems to be a wise decision in terms of the overall benefits you can reap as well as the ease of this simple life change. Fish oil supplements are simple to find and easy to take, so there really aren’t any reasons for you to avoid this beneficial step in your health management.

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